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Competition Prep Coaching

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Contest Prep Coaching By Sheronica Henton

Have confidence when it's time to compete with the rest! 

As a 4x Olympian and a IFBB Pro for 7+ years and countless pro shows, I know exactly what it takes to reach the level of pure confidence of the package you're bringing on stage. My goal first and foremost is to make sure my clients have all the tools they need to succeed on season and off season.

Finding a Bodybuilding coach is no simple task, you'll need to make sure your coach is compatible with your needs and goals. Afterall, you'll be spending a great deal of time, effort and energy into your coach and training. 

What specifically can a coach offer you?

Understanding what you need in order to be stage ready is your most important piece of knowledge you can acquire before pursuing a bodybuilding career. ]

What you will get from joining my team

  • Customized meal plan (updated on a regular basis, as needed.) This is a cookie cutter free zone. We will spend roughly 45 minutes together via in-person or on zoom discussing goals, likes/dislikes, allergies, body type and schedule in order to design the perfect meal plan.

  • Customized training regiment. (change throughout phases of prep) Much like the custom meal plan, your training regimen will be 100% tailored to your goals and needs. 
  • Weekly progress check-ins. Every week we will have check-ins to discuss overall health, diet, training intensity, photo and live video reviews. Here is where we will zone in on trouble areas to help you bring in your best look.
  • Posing & stage presence training. Part of a competition prep coach job is to make sure you're successful on all cylinders. This includes posing sessions and stage presence.

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