Custom Posing Routine


Custom posing routine for Bodybuilding & Classic/Women’s Physique athletes.

Level up on your posing a customized posing routine designed to fit your style and hit all of your best angles. I guide each athlete in the art of posing with transitions, poise, and the most aesthetic look in mind. You will have four 1 hour posing sessions with me (in-person or video-chat). Prior to designing your custom posing routine, we will have a brief consultation on music choice, personal posing style, and the most desirable angles.

      Customized posing routines include:

  • Four 1 hour posing sessions
  • Style & music match up consulting
  • Video recorded posing routine
  • 1 style revision
  • 3 minor revisions
  • Full-length routine


Posing routine purchases are non-refundable routines that are customized to the specs of the athlete. Style and minor revisions may be an additional fee


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