Sheronica Henton

Sheronica Sade Henton Biography

Height: 5'3"
Age: 32
Nationality: American
Location: Orlando,FL
Body Type: Petite & Lean Built.
Off Season weight: 160
Competition weight: 140
Zodiac: Cancer

Born on June 30th 1988 in Killeen, Texas. Sheronica Henton has lived throughout the United States and Germany. Growing up in a military family has offered her many opportunities to try out different sports such as Gymnastica, Ballet, Basketball and Track & Field. During these early years of sports and dance, she took a liking to Ballet which she jokes is the reason why she can really put on a show during her IFBB Physique performances. During her quest for other athletic outlets, she quickly became smitten with Track & Field, which has rewarded her with opportunities to run Collegiate track at Liberty University and and Georgia Southern.Unfortunately, during her Collegiate athletic years, Sheronica underwent 3 knee surgeries due to bone issues within her knee and shins.
After receiving her bachelors at Georgia Southern University, Sheronica decided to return to Germany where her family was stationed at the time. Unbeknownst to her, she would fall in love with the sport of Bodybuilding during her extended stay in Germany. Needing a physical outlet that would also strengthen her legs after multiple surgeries, she took to the local military base gym where she discovered Musclemania and the rest is history. 
Without any real guidance or proper prep, in 2012, Sheronica won 1st in bodybuilding and later on went on to be the 2012 Musclemania Figure Champion where her natural physique really shined in a way she had never seen herself in the past. As a youngster, she's always been more on the lean side, which she credits genetics and always being active in sports and other fitness outlets.  
In 2012, Sheronica did her first bodybuilding competition in Kaiserslautern, Germany. After placing first at this competition, she was hooked on competing in this category. Two short years later, she attained her professional status by winning second place overall in the 2014 IFBB North American National Championships-Women's Physique. Given her great knowledge and proven track record, Sheronica works also as a fitness consultant, personal trainer, and posing coach for Women's physique. Below is a full competition history for Sheronica, in chronological order:

Competition History
2012 MWR Kaiserslautern, Germany Bodybuilding Show Figure - 1st and Overall
2012 Stuttgart, Germany MWR Bodybuilding Championships Figure - 1st
2012 Fitness Britain Musclemania Championships Figure - 2nd
2012 Musclemania Paris Fitness Championship Figure - 1st and Overall Female Body building - 1st and Overall
2013 Musclemania Fitness Universe Figure - 1st and Overall Female Body building - 1st and Overall
2013 NPC Georgia Championships Women’s Physique - 1st and Overall
2013 NPC Nationals Women’s Physique - 5th
2014 IFBB North American National Championships - Women's Physique - 2nd and Earned Pro Card
2015 St. Louis Pro – Women’s Physique Pro Debut - 2nd and 4 pts. towards Joe Weider’s 2015 Olympia
2015 Wings of Strength Chicago Pro - Women’s Physique - 2nd and now 8 towards Joe Weider’s 2015 Olympia
2015 Wings of Strength Tampa Pro – Women’s Physique – 3rd and Now 11 towards Joe Weider’s 2015 Olympia
2015 Wings of Strength Texas Pro – Women’s physique - 1st and 2015 Joe Weider’s Olympia Qualification
2015 Joe Weider’s Olympia Women’s Physique Showdown – 16th
2015 Tricky Jackson Classic - Guest Poser
2016 Atlantic USA Pro – Women’s Physique – 1st and 2016 Joe Weider’s Olympia Qualification
2016 St. Louis Pro – Women’s Physique – 3rd
2016 Joe Weider’s Olympia – 6th
2017 Arnold Classic – 2nd
2017 Charlotte Europa - 1st
2017 Olympia - 5th
2019 Arnold Classic- 2nd

Sheronica Henton is a Fitness Model, Lifestyle & Competition Prep coach who host online and in person group fitness bootcamps, posing seminars and publishes Fitness and bodybuilding related E-Books. Sheronica has a background in youth sports conditioning, specifically in the area of Track & Field.