Sheronica Henton 2019 Arnold Classic Routine

Thank you Maximum Muscle Report for the amazing capturing of my 2019 Arnold Classic Women's Physique routine!

At this show, placing 2nd overall in the Professional Women's Physique category. What a blast from the past and excited my next opportunity to slay the stage in an IFBB Pro league show. It has been a true honor to be an IFBB Pro for 7 years now. Thank you NPC News for all of the memories, growth, and dedication throughout the years.

Receiving so many questions about this routine in particular, specifically about my choice of dance moves and of course, my choice of track! being a huge fan of Tina Turner and her cover of Proud Mary has to be one of the most sensation covers of all time.

What made you pick Proud Mary for your 2019 Arnold Classic Routine?

Choosing Proud Mary by Tina Turner for my posing routine is a no-brainer, if you haven't noticed or seen any of my other routines, choosing divas for my routines is pretty much right on the mark. I love bringing something different than my fellow competitors to the stage.

Who created your posing routine?

Before bodybuilding, one of the greatest passions in my youth was the art of dance. This is really why I decided to pursue Women's Physique, it allows me to be proud of my natural physique and continue to show off my art form of dance. Creating routines for myself and my clients brings joy to my life.

Do you ever feel nervous about forgetting your movements?

Part of bodybuilding and preparing for a competition is focusing on your posing. Yes, this includes daily posing and practicing your routine. No matter how great you seemingly look, your posing is a tell-tail sign, and not focusing on your posing can be detrimental to your placing on stage. It could be the difference between a pro-card or a low-place finishing.

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