How much fiber per day?

How much fiber a day?


Fiber has tremendous benefits for your overall health, making it ideal for daily consumption. Understanding the benefits of fibrous foods, learning which foods work well with your body (click here to learn about your body type), and understanding how to read nutrition facts can take your health and wellness to a new high.


Benefits of fiber

We all hear how you should get fiber in with breakfast, but rarely are we told why it's important to consume fiber with our first meal of the day. Choosing the best options with any meal helps increase metabolism, bowel movements, and cholesterol levels.


List of benefits with fiber intake

  • Promotes healthy bowel movements that tend to be larger and easier to pass.
  • Maintain or improve cholesterol numbers when consuming clean sources of fiber.
  • Acts as an assistant to increasing metabolism which promotes a healthy weight.
  • Remain feeling full longer periods.


High fiber food sources.

  • Fruits

Fruits are a fan favorite when it comes to high-fiber foods. I recommend bananas, pears, apples, and berries as a fruit source. Might I add, delicious in smoothies?

Exceptional as an everyday snack between meals, packed with antioxidants and numerous vitamins, a sure way to hit micronutrients.

  • Vegetables

Consider adding plenty of vegetables to your meals to stay satisfied. While they are low in calories, cooking them in diverse ways to keep you from being bored. My recommendation for vegetables is Brussel sprouts, carrots, broccoli, and zucchini.

  • Beans & lentils

I love beans and the diversity they offer in dishes, lentils add as another carb and fibrous source of food for a healthy digestive system. My favorite bean sources are black beans, kidneys, black eye peas, honorable pea mention, chickpeas. These starchy carb sources help improve energy levels and can be substituted instead of meat.

  • Oats

I start my day off with oats blended into a smoothie, this keeps my energy levels high and my digestion running peak. Nearly every diet plan I create has oats as a carb source, this is because of the benefits it offers in digestion and fiber health.

  • Potatoes

With so many different types of potatoes, you can never really go wrong this fiber choice. Benefits include a clean carb source, potassium, and fiber, the choice is obvious. Try my sweet potato fries recipe, you will love it!


Want to learn more about fiber food sources? check to get in detailed micronutrient information.


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